Henry Williams

Best Trader of 2016

"I had the best trading advice from the Forex Rally specialists and after some successful trading sessions I managed to secure the first place in their Rally Championship competition and win a brand new Toyota Hilux! Thank you for the inspiring seminars and for organizing such a big event. ”
Desmond Washington
“ Thank you so much Razvan, it was great having you around to lecture us. I will say your 121 and 4 trend rule trading strategy is great especially your entry, exit and trailing of a trade. God bless you. I look forward to seeing you more in Nigeria for further strategies. ”
“ The strategies are powerful ones that when put into practice, it will really help in making profit consistently. However, the next workshop should be demonstrated practically on the platform to help newbies to flow with the workshop. Good job forex rally. Looking forward to doing business with you ”
Adeosun Abiodun
“ The strategy is alright by me and this is the first time I will hear about the strategy and understand it. Please real practical will show more understanding. ”
Onyema Nkechinyere
“ Even though am a newbie in forex, I enjoyed the workshop today and I appreciate the opportunity I have to be part of this training sessions. I look forward to putting into practice the things that I have learnt using a demo account. Am confident I will be a great trader, watch out for me ”
Iyke Nwobodo
“ Razvan is an awesome trainer. It’s amazing he has achieved a lot in six years since he got into forex trading. I am indeed inspired to sign up for a trading account and IB account. You have a start. Keep it up. Always protecting the interest of your client at heart ”
“ Initially I thought I didn’t have interest in forex trading but my wife talked me into it. I tried to be at the seminar yesterday and I am impressed and inspired. I listened to all the speakers and I know that I am in the right place with the right people and in the right forex trading company because that word ‘’TRUST’’ was a watchword for me ”
“ As a beginner ,I find it difficult to understand the terminologies initially but as I keep my finger crossed to the lecture, it became interesting. Razvan is a great man with teaching techniques in forex trading. Thanks a lot and God bless you. ”
Yeltsio Aio
“ I had a wonderful experience attending Forex Rally’s seminar/training. Mr. Razvan is a great trainer whose training will impact positively on Nigerian traders. In fact I like he’s personality and the Forex Rally xStation platform is a wonderful innovation for trading. Thank you! ”
Solarin Gbolahan
“ A big thank you to Forex Rally for bringing forex education and Mr. Razvan to Nigeria. He’s teaches are simple accurate and eye opening. I salute his personality I say Mr. Razvan “more pips to your elbow”. ”
Fagbohun Jonathan
“ Mr. Razvan seminar/training is a wonderful experience for me with his new trading ideas and strategies. More grease to your elbow. Forex Rally. ”
Earnest Okafor
“ Mr. Razvan Mihai is a good mentor. His teaching is encouraging for those who have given up on forex. It is also great and as taken me to a higher spectrum of knowledge. ”
Prince Sokwaibe
“ Mr. Razvan is a very good teacher, his explanations are very simple and easy to understand. I am very glad I met him, because I now feel and know his teachings have made me a better trader. ”
Mumini Morufu Adebayo
“ I was late but understood the second strategy on Fibonacci confluence. Really it is very eye opening. Thanks! ”
Femi Odujirin
“ Mr. Razvan clearly demonstrates his wealth of experience in Forex Trading as a shares strategy after strategy with his audience and answers every questions satisfactory. Keep up the great work! ”
Bello Wahead
“ I really appreciate the lecture. It has really rekindle my hope in Forex kudos to Razvan and others. ”
Adeyemi Adesanya
“ I really enjoyed mister Razvan simple trading strategy. I love it. Hope to do good business with ForexRally soonest possible. ”
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